Bike Ride

23 10 2011

Hey guys. So I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve just been a little busy with planning my birthday party. My birthdays on Tuesday and I wanted to have a sleepover so ya.
I took these pictures on a bike ride that I went on and sorry some of them are blurry because i took them when i was actually riding, but for some really good shots I stopped.



17 10 2011

Heres some misc. pics of my pets and my friends’ pets

Fall Pictures

14 10 2011

Fall is my favorite season and I love taking pictures of all the pumpkins, leaves mums, ect. Expect to see many more pics were this came from.

Way too many pictures

12 10 2011

Hey guys. I keep forgetting to post and now i have literally 186 pics i want to post so i really need to post more. This post is just going to be misc. pics just so I can catch up a little

And sorry it got messed up and saved some things in the post twice

Photo editing app and instagram

11 09 2011

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that I recently got a photo editing app called camera+ so now I’ll be posting a lot more edited pictures. You can buy this app at the app store for $0.99 I recommend it defiantly. Also I just made an instogram profile. My user name is carolinespicz follow me 🙂


3 09 2011

Hey, I’ve been really busy with 7th grade but I have some things to tell you guys.

First of all my brother who is a senior in high school is taking a photography class. He’s going to tell me some tips on becoming a better photographer. But he inspired me so my mom took me to Cord Camera and apparently they have lessons there. I’m looking into these lessons and I’ll let you guys know what happens.

Ok so heres some pictures I took the other night when i was out to dinner with my mom downtown. I really like how some of them turned out and I hope to get another chance to take pictures in a crowded city area. I’m trying to convince my mom to take me to New York. We’ll see how that works out. But anyways here they are:


1 09 2011

I pet sit this dog that lives across the street from me and he’s beautiful. His fur is always perfect and he almost poses for pictures. I took some pictures of him and they turned out really good: